Dental Cleaning

Dental Cleaning

Since childhood we are taught to brush our teeth twice a day for two minutes. But, no matter how well you brush your teeth, you should visit your dental clinic, for professional dental cleaning to remove stains and plaque to maintain good oral hygiene.

What happens during dental cleaning at SDO Center?

Many people worry about dental cleanings, due to strange noises and discomfort on jaw.
But our dental experts at Specialized Dental & Orthodontics Center offer painless dental cleaning process to our patients.

Knowing what exactly is done during dental cleaning process can help to ease out your stress and allow you to enjoy your teeth cleaning process.

 Dental Examination

Our Dental hygienist examines your entire mouth before the cleaning process. They use a small mirror to check whether you have problems like gingivitis and other concerns.

If any major problem is encountered, the dental hygienist will contact the dentist to make sure whether it is fine to proceed.

Removal of Plaque and tartar

With the little mirror to direct them, the dental hygienist utilizes a scaler to dispose of plaque and tartar around your gum line, as well as in the middle of your teeth. You’ll hear scratching, however this is typical. The more tartar there is in your mouth, the additional time they’ll have to scratch a particular spot.

Brushing and flossing prevents plaque from developing and hardening into tartar. When you have tartar, you can have it removed at your dental specialist’s office.

Gritty toothpaste cleaning

After your teeth are totally without tartar, the hygienist brushes them with a powerful rotating brush, which makes a crushing noise. While it sounds alarming, it’s an extraordinary method for getting a profound clean and eliminate any tartar left behind from the scaler.

Proficient cleanings use toothpaste that smells and tastes like ordinary toothpaste, however you can frequently pick between flavors. However, it has an abrasive consistency that delicately scrubs your teeth. If done by an expert, this cleaning of the teeth is considered protected to do twice a year. In any case, don’t be as brutal with your teeth at home, since you’ll wear out the finish.

Expert Flossing

Whether you floss consistently at home, nothing beats a specialist flossing session. Your dental hygienist can get profound between your teeth and find any potential problem areas where you could drain at the gums.

This could appear to be futile assuming you floss at home, yet having an expert floss your teeth additionally eliminates any leftover plaque or toothpaste from earlier in the cleaning system.


Next, you wash out your mouth to dispose of any garbage. Your dental hygienist will generally give you a wash that contains fluid fluoride.
Fluoride Treatment

The last step of the cleaning process is a fluoride treatment. This treatment is utilized as a protectant for your teeth to help battle against cavities for quite a long time.

Your dental hygienist might ask you what flavor you like best. They’ll then put the frothy gel (or some of the time a tacky glue) into a mouthpiece that fits over your teeth. It’s normally left on your teeth for a minute. Other than the frothy gel, fluoride stain is additionally painted onto the teeth with a little clean. Fluoride stain will solidify when in touch with salivation, so you can eat and drink immediately.

Proficient teeth cleanings are planned twice a year, while X-beams are regularly done one time per year. In any case, depending upon what your dental specialist or dental hygienist sees in your mouth, they could do different tests during your visit. For kids, a dental specialist might prescribe molar sealants to prevent cavities in difficult to-brush regions.

Regardless of whether you want any extra steps, the key is to continue onward back to the dental specialist for ordinary teeth cleanings to prevent problems. By understanding what’s happening ahead of time, you’ll feel more calm — and perhaps look forward to these appointments.

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