Instant Teeth Whitening in Abu Dhabi

25 Jul 2022

Instant Teeth Whitening in Abu Dhabi


The Best Way to brighten your smile.

Your personality is given a new depth the moment you smile. The simplest way to regain the brilliance of your smile is through teeth whitening. When speaking and smiling, teeth stains and discolorations can make you feel self-conscious. You may obtain the smile of your dreams in less than an hour at Specialized Dental and Orthodontics Center. The operation is risk-free and won’t harm your teeth, gums, or existing fillings in any way. Obtain assured and long-lasting benefits that are guaranteed. Our methods are painless and appropriate for individuals of all ages.


Teeth discoloration causes:


Teeth can get discolored over time due to ageing, use of particular foods, beverages, drugs, smoking, and/or improper oral hygiene. Your teeth can look yellow, brown, spotted or dull.


  1. In our clinic, this is the most popular teeth-whitening technique. The results are obtained in less than an hour. Higher concentration gels that are illuminated by a laser are employed. Your mouth’s remaining soft tissues are still shielded. You can whiten your teeth quickly and effectively using a laser. Your teeth’s ultimate, brighter hue is readily discernible. At SDO Center, we can assist you in getting teeth that are up to 8 shades whiter.


  1. At home: Bleach results at home take longer, about two weeks. Your teeth will be measured by our dentist, who will use those measurements to create custom-fit trays for your teeth. These specially designed trays must be used every day for two to three weeks while filled with the whitening solution. It is completely secure, and the outcomes are promised. For your gorgeous smile, reach out to us.


For teeth whitening, Specialized Dental and Orthodontics Center use cutting-edge technology that are both secure and reasonably priced. The type and extent of your teeth’s discoloration will determine how much teeth whitening will cost. Following a thorough initial consultation, our dental specialists will fully comprehend your objectives and expectations before presenting the solution that best satisfies your requirements while also being the most affordable.


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