Root Canals

Root Canal Treatment

Root canals are the most common treatment for toothache and infection.

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What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal therapy is an effective solution to end all root canal problems, but it is not always necessary. There are times that a root canal is not needed and other times when the problem can be solved by filling and capping it, saving your teeth and saving you money. The decision to have a root canal treatment is a decision one needs to make based on several factors. Some of the most important factors that determine if a root canal treatment is necessary are: When a root canal is necessary, there are several options for treatment including treatment with local anesthetics, medication or a combination of both. Root canal treatment can occur in our SDO Center. The length of treatment varies from case to case. The initial visit typically takes 15 to 20 minutes to an hour and most patients are back in their chair after their initial treatment is complete. It is important to remember that each patient’s situation is different and that we typically do not treat every tooth in your mouth. After the initial visit, we will closely monitor the progress of your case and will provide you with timely and accurate information regarding your treatment options. The most important thing to keep in mind is that while a root canal may seem scary, it is actually a very safe procedure. The most common side effects associated with root canal treatments are minor jaw pain, tenderness in the gums, and numbness in the mouth.

With a root canal, you don’t have to worry about losing their teeth.

Root canals remove the infection and clean the tooth, so your teeth stay healthy. In contrast, if you leave an abscessed tooth in place, it will continue to cause pain and may need to be extracted.

Get rid of an infected tooth.

Root canal treatment is the best way to get rid of an infected or abscessed tooth. The inflamed pulp is removed during this dental procedure, and the surfaces inside the tooth are cleaned and disinfected before a filling is placed to seal the space.

A complicated tooth extraction leaves you with a gap in your smile.

When a tooth is so severely decayed that it needs to be extracted, the dentist will usually have to cut into the gum line and remove part of the jawbone. That can leave you with a visible gap in your smile. A root canal procedure leaves your tooth intact and saves your precious facial bones!

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